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Thermal circuit breaker cover - Repex Floor
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Thermal circuit breaker cover

Reference -9013C

Thermal circuit breaker cover 9013C

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Thermal circuit breaker cover

Thermal circuit breaker cover

Thermal circuit breaker cover for 4D and PSL single-brush sanders 

The main function of the Thermal circuit breaker cover is to protect the thermal cut-out itself, as well as the user, from accidental contact with this electrical part. The thermal circuit breaker is a safety device designed to automatically cut off the power supply when overloads or excessive heating are detected in the sander. The circuit breaker cover therefore acts as a protective cover to prevent direct contact with the circuit breaker, reducing the risk of electric shock or potential damage.

The thermal circuit breaker cover is a part specifically designed to fit snugly over the circuit breaker and protect it from dust, debris and moisture that could damage it.

In terms of when to consider changing the thermal circuit breaker cover, here are some situations where this may be necessary:

1. Visible damage: if the circuit-breaker cover shows signs of wear, cracks, deformation or is broken, it will no longer fulfil its protective role effectively and should be replaced.

2. Poor fit: a circuit-breaker cover that no longer fits correctly around the thermal circuit-breaker may leave parts of the circuit-breaker exposed, thereby negating its protective purpose. In this case, it should be replaced to ensure optimum safety.

3. Loss of fixing: if the circuit-breaker cover no longer remains correctly in place, it may be subject to movement or falls during use of the sander, which may compromise the protection of the thermal circuit-breaker.

4. Preventive maintenance: as with any piece of equipment, it is a good idea to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding preventive maintenance intervals. Regular replacement of the circuit-breaker cover can help prevent potential problems.

In conclusion, the thermal circuit breaker cover plays an important role in protecting the circuit breaker itself and the user from accidental contact. It should be checked regularly and replaced if it is worn, damaged or no longer fits properly. Always use a sander with all its safety devices in good condition to ensure safe use. If you have any doubts about the condition of the thermal cut-out cover on your sander (other than Repex Floor), consult the manufacturer's user manual for specific advice.

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Thermal circuit breaker cover

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