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Spare parts Wheel set BLE

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Swivel wheel - Repex Floor
Swivel wheel 4310
8.65€ Excluding VAT
Horizontal axis for wheel - Repex Floor
Horizontal axis for wheel 4307
9.36€ Excluding VAT
Swivel wheel complete - Repex Floor
Swivel wheel complete 4H0000
27.50€ Excluding VAT
Wheel complete - Repex Floor
Wheel complete 4300 AM
77.00€ Excluding VAT
Bronze socket - Repex Floor
Bronze socket 4301
17.46€ Excluding VAT
Brass wheel socket - Repex Floor
Brass wheel socket 4301NM
17.93€ Excluding VAT
Wheel in ertalon - Repex Floor
Wheel in ertalon 4306
10.43€ Excluding VAT
Wheel nut - Repex Floor
Wheel nut 4302
0.70€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Wheel set BLE

Spare parts Wheel set BLE on a curb sander are essential to keep the machine mobile and make it easier to move while sanding. Here are some of these parts and their functions, as well as information on when to consider replacing them:

1. Wheels: Wheels allow the edger to move over the surface to be sanded. They can be fixed or pivoting. If the wheels are damaged, jammed or do not roll smoothly, they may need to be replaced.

2. Height adjustment mechanism: Some models of edger sanders are fitted with a mechanism that adjusts the height of the machine to suit different surfaces. If this mechanism is faulty, broken or no longer functions correctly, it may be necessary to replace the associated parts.

3. Wheel Supports: The wheel supports hold the wheels in place and connect them to the structure of the sander. Damaged, bent or loose wheel supports can affect the stability and performance of the sander.

When to consider changing a wheel assembly part:

1. Visible wear: If you see obvious signs of wear, such as warped wheels, bent brackets, or broken parts, it is probably time to replace the part.

2. Difficulty moving: If the sander does not move properly, if the wheels do not turn smoothly, or if the height adjustment mechanism no longer works properly, this may indicate the need to replace parts of the wheel train.

3. Stability problems: Stability problems, such as excessive vibration or instability during sanding, may be linked to problems in the wheel assembly.

It is recommended that you consult Repex Floor for your edger sander for specific information on maintenance and replacement of wheel set parts. Regular maintenance, lubrication of moving parts and preventive replacement of parts subject to wear will help maintain the performance and durability of your edger sander.