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Repex Floor : Excellence in Concrete Floor Sanding

Repex Floor presents its 4D multi-disc monobrush, a powerful concrete sander equipped with a high-performance motor, specially designed for concrete floors and decorative coverings such as terrazzo or granito. Immerse yourself in excellence with our concrete grinding equipment, offering a complete solution for cleaning, preparing and restoring the most demanding floors.

1. Power and performance :

Repex Floor's 4D multi-disc monobrush is powered by a high-performance motor, guaranteeing optimum power for work on concrete floors. Its special design makes it ideal for treating decorative surfaces, offering unrivalled performance in sanding and restoration.

2. Dedicated platens and abrasives :

Equipped with dedicated platens and abrasives, this single-brush machine offers a complete, tailored solution for cleaning, preparing and restoring surfaces such as terrazzo or granito. Each component is carefully designed to maximise efficiency and guarantee exceptional results.

3. Versatility and advanced technology :

The versatility of the 4D single disc machine means you can achieve exceptional results on a wide range of floor coverings. Its advanced technology, combined with its ergonomic design, offers an efficient and pleasant working experience, meeting the varied needs of floor sanding professionals. 

4. Maximum efficiency and high-quality finish:

Thanks to its versatility and advanced technology, the 4D monobrush guarantees maximum efficiency in all phases of sanding, from preparation to finishing. The results obtained are of exceptional quality, ensuring a high-level finish for concrete and decorative floors.

5. Cleaning, Preparation, Restoration: A Complete Solution :

Whether it's to remove residues, stains, imperfections or to reveal the natural beauty of decorative floors, the 4D monobrush is the essential tool for optimum performance and impressive results. It offers a complete solution for every stage of the process, ensuring total efficiency on the worksite.

Choose the Repex Floor 4D Monobrush: The Ideal Tool for Impeccable Results

Repex Floor offers you much more than a simple concrete sander. With the 4D multi-disc monobrush, you choose the ideal tool for optimum performance and results that exceed expectations. Whether you're looking to eliminate defects, enhance the beauty of decorative floors or restore the splendour of concrete surfaces, the Repex Floor 4D single disc floor sander is the reference. Opt for excellence in every sanding job.

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