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Sanding disk

Sanding disk

Repex Floor Sanding disk for the 4D single disc multi-brush and flange machine are essential accessories for achieving outstanding sanding results in specific applications. These abrasive discs are specially designed to fit the machines, offering an optimum combination for superior sanding performance. Their superior manufacturing quality ensures exceptional durability and wear resistance, enabling them to maintain their cutting efficiency even under intensive use. Repex abrasive discs provide a firm grip on work surfaces, allowing precise and uniform sanding. Available in a range of grits adapted to the different sanding stages, these discs provide impeccable finishes, whether for coarse, intermediate or fine sanding. Thanks to their specific design, they guarantee excellent dust evacuation, ensuring consistent performance and reducing downtime for cleaning. Choose Repex abrasive discs and benefit from efficient, precise, high-quality sanding for all your finishing applications.
Repex abrasive discs incorporate a variety of high quality abrasive materials to meet the specific needs of users. These materials include silicon carbide, zirconium, ceramic, steel wool and tungsten.

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