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Spare parts disc holder BLE

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Long disc carrier - Repex Floor
Long disc carrier 4501
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Complete disc holder Zephyr 4M0000
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Short disc carrier 4401
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Belt for long arm 865
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Skirting guard castor Zéphir 4402
5.93€ Excluding VAT
Velcro base Ø150mm without hole - Repex Floor
Velcro base Ø150mm without hole 63642549830
5.50€ Excluding VAT
Embase velcro Ø150mm 8 holes - Repex Floor
Embase velcro Ø150mm 8 holes 63642552722
5.50€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts disc holder BLE

Spare parts disc holder BLE

The BLE disc holder (edge sander) is the part that holds and rotates the sanding disc. The spare parts associated with the disc holder are important to ensure efficient and safe sanding. Here are some of these parts and their functions, as well as information on when to consider replacing them:

1. Disc holder plate: This is the surface that supports the sanding disc and rotates during sanding. If the plate is damaged, deformed or does not hold the sanding disc properly, it may need to be replaced to ensure effective sanding.

2. Disc fastening system: The parts that hold the disc in place on the platen may include clips, hooks or other fastening mechanisms. If these parts are worn, broken or no longer working properly, they may need to be replaced to ensure a secure hold for the disc.

When to consider changing a disc holder part:

1. Visible wear: If you notice obvious signs of wear on the disc tray, such as warping, cracks or broken parts, it's probably time to replace it.

2. Difficulty securing the disc: If the abrasive disc has difficulty staying in place on the disc holder, if the fasteners no longer work properly, or if the disc comes loose during sanding, this may indicate that some parts of the fastening system need to be replaced.

3. Excessive vibration: Excessive vibration during sanding may indicate problems with the disc holder. If these vibrations cannot be resolved by other adjustments, it may be necessary to replace components of the disc holder.

4. Loss of sanding efficiency: If the sander does not seem to be sanding as efficiently as before, even with a new sanding disc, this may indicate problems with the disc holder.

It is recommended that you consult Repex Floor, the manufacturer of your edge sander, for specific information on maintenance and replacement of disc holder parts. In general, regular maintenance, preventive replacement of worn parts and the use of quality abrasive discs will help maintain the performance of your sander.