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Belt Sander Ouragan

Belt Sander Ouragan

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Ouragan belt sander - Repex Floor
Ouragan belt sander 01020000
7,950.00€ Excluding VAT
OURAGAN Heavy Sander Three-phase - Repex Floor
OURAGAN Heavy Sander Three-phase 01010000
7,900.00€ Excluding VAT
Large dust bag - Repex Floor
Large dust bag RPXBAG03
47.90€ Excluding VAT
Jaw drum - Repex Floor
Jaw drum 1101
575.00€ Excluding VAT
Expandable drum - Repex Floor
Expandable drum 1101M
695.00€ Excluding VAT
Transformer case - Repex Floor
Transformer case 1923
574.00€ Excluding VAT

Belt Sander Ouragan

The Belt Sander Ouragan, known as the PLO Ouragan, is a professional resurfacer equipped with three wheels (two fixed and one swivel). It is specially designed for frequent use by professionals.

This machine sands using a removable drum located at the front of the machine, which is driven by a single-phase or three-phase motor. Drum movement and suction are provided by belts connected to special pulleys.

Features of the Ouragan heavy-duty sander :

- Easy to dismantle
- Total weight of 95 kg (motor: 40 kg, chassis: 45 kg, drum: 10 kg)
- A-weighted sound pressure level of 90 dB(A) emitted by the machine
- Chassis options: single-phase (4.8 HP, 3.5 kW, 220 V) or three-phase (5.6 HP, 4.1 kW, 220/380 V)
- Power supply: 220V or 380V depending on motor, with 16A fuse.

The Belt Sander Ouragan is designed for intensive use, offering exceptional power for fast sanding with a cutting speed of 25 m/s, in line with abrasive manufacturers' recommendations (between 22 and 30 m/s). It's easy to handle thanks to its hand lever (clutch), which ensures smooth contact with the floor and precise control of the machine's weight on the sanding drum. What's more, an adjustment screw maintains constant pressure on the drum, allowing you to adjust the level of abrasion to suit the material being worked on.