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Central vacuum unit

Central vacuum unit

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Central vacuum unit - Repex Floor
Central vacuum unit 7600
2,870.00€ Excluding VAT
Endless bag Longosac - Repex Floor
Endless bag Longosac 70001
165.00€ Excluding VAT
Industrial vaccum cleaner
Industrial vacuum cleaner 7500
2,800.00€ Excluding VAT
Site cleaning pack - Repex Floor
Site cleaning pack 14110400
135.00€ Excluding VAT

Central vacuum unit

Repex Floor Central vacuum unit: Vacuuming Excellence!

The Central Vacuum Cleaner: Unrivalled Power for an Optimal Working Environment

The central vacuum unit stands out as a high-quality industrial hoover, specially designed to offer robustness and exceptional performance, even in continuous use. As the ideal partner for the Repex 4D in all its applications, it raises the level of comfort and safety to an optimum level.

1. Exceptional robustness and performance:

This central vacuum unit embodies robustness and exceptional performance. Built to withstand intensive use, it offers constant suction power, guaranteeing maximum efficiency over the long term.

2. The perfect partner for the Repex 4D:

As the ideal partner for the 4D single-brush machine, the Repex Floor central vacuum unit optimises the performance of the 4D single-brush machine. This synergy enables optimum results to be achieved in all applications, ensuring a powerful tandem on the worksite.

3. Optimal comfort and safety :

The central vacuum unit goes beyond expectations by offering an optimal level of comfort and safety. Its ergonomic design and advanced features ensure safe and easy operation, providing an unrivalled user experience.

4. Sanding without dust flying:

Thanks to the central vacuum unit, the Repex 4D sands without blowing dust. This feature is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy working environment, meeting the most stringent safety and cleanliness standards.

5. Choose Repex Floor with Confidence:

Repex Floor is committed to providing complete, high-performance solutions for sanding and surface preparation professionals. By opting for the central vacuum unit, craftsmen choose confidence, quality and peace of mind on every site.

Transform your worksite with a central vacuum cleaner:

The central vacuum unit is much more than just an industrial hoover. It's the essential companion for clean, efficient and safe worksites. Opt for power, robustness and reliability with Repex Floor, and turn every project into a success.

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