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Spare parts BLO Motor

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Cast iron pulley 2 grooves - Repex Floor
Cast iron pulley 2 grooves 3010
79.00€ Excluding VAT
Cooling fan BLO - Repex Floor
Cooling fan BLO 3009
59.00€ Excluding VAT
Insulating ring - Repex Floor
Insulating ring 3011
43.00€ Excluding VAT
Belt BLO - Repex Floor
Belt BLO 380
5.91€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts BLO Motor

Spare parts BLO Motor, heavy edger

BLO motor: the BLO edging machine stands out as an essential tool dedicated to the meticulous sanding of the edges of skirting boards and stair treads, offering greater precision in finishing work. The machine's motor is of paramount importance, providing not only propulsion for specific tools such as abrasives, but also the speed control needed to ensure optimum sanding on surfaces that are sometimes complex and difficult to access.

By powering the edging machine's mechanisms, the motor ensures a high quality, smooth and uniform finish on the edges of skirting boards and stair treads. It is this motorised power that enables the tool to perform its task effectively, reducing irregularities and creating uniform surfaces.

As with any mechanical device, the replacement of motor parts should be considered on the basis of a number of criteria. Apparent wear, recurring breakdowns, a noticeable loss of power, or other signs of malfunction should alert you to the need to service or replace engine components. Taking a proactive approach to maintenance will ensure that the edger maintains optimum performance, guaranteeing high-quality sanding results on the delicate edges of skirting boards and stair treads.

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