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PAD Ø 300 Wood for 4D single disc brush

PAD Ø 300 Wood for 4D single disc brush

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PAD White Ø 300 - Repex Floor
PAD White Ø 300 PD300WHI
7.90€ Excluding VAT
PAD Red Ø 300 - Repex Floor
PAD Red Ø 300 PD300RED
7.90€ Excluding VAT
PAD Green Ø 300 - Repex Floor
PAD Green Ø 300 PD300GRE
7.90€ Excluding VAT
PAD Black Ø 300 - Repex Floor
PAD Black Ø 300 PD300BLK
7.90€ Excluding VAT

PAD Ø 300 Wood for 4D single disc brush

PAD Ø 300 Wood for 4D monobrush with pick plate Ø 300

Packed in packs of 5


When it comes to renovation and home improvement, the 4D single-brush sander is a must for craftsmen aiming for impeccable sanding results. A key feature of this machine is the use of pads specially designed to maximise its performance.

The PAD Ø 300 Wood, adapted to the 4D sander, is an essential accessory guaranteeing an optimum combination for efficient and precise sanding operations. Made from high-quality materials, this pad offers exceptional durability and resistance to wear, meeting the high demands of craftsmen who demand the very best from their tools.

A major advantage of this pad is its ability to ensure optimum adhesion with abrasive discs. This guarantees a solid and secure hold during sanding, preventing any unwanted slippage and ensuring even pressure distribution on the work surface.

In addition to its robustness, this Ø 300 Wood PAD is designed for efficient dust evacuation, reducing clogging and improving visibility during the sanding process. It also helps to reduce vibrations, improving user comfort and reducing fatigue during prolonged use.

The Ø 300 Wood PAD of Repex Floor's 4D sander is available in different densities and configurations to meet the specific needs of craftsmen, whether for coarse, intermediate or fine sanding. Their precise design and compatibility with the 4D sander guarantee high work efficiency and optimum ease of use.

In short, for craftsmen aiming for high-quality sanding results, the Ø 300 Wood PAD for the Repex Floor 4D sander is an essential accessory. Its durability, efficiency and ease of use make it an ideal choice for optimising the performance of the 4D single-brush sander, meeting the demands of the most rigorous craftsmen and guaranteeing first-class sanding results every time.