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4D Single Disc Multi-Brush

4D Single Disc Multi-Brush

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Multidisc sander 4D 2200W  - Repex Floor
Multidisc sander 4D 2200W MNB14022

Supplied with skirt and picot tray, other accessories are optional!
3,290.00€ Excluding VAT
Single brush 1500W - Repex Floor
Single brush 1500W MNB14015
2,250.00€ Excluding VAT
4D plate - Repex Floor
4D plate 14090000
980.00€ Excluding VAT
5D Plate - Repex Floor
5D Plate 14170000
825.00€ Excluding VAT
Velcro sanding head Ø150 - Repex Floor
Velcro sanding head Ø150 13100600
31.50€ Excluding VAT
Parquet glue plate - Repex Floor
Parquet glue plate 14120000
472.00€ Excluding VAT
Picot plate - Repex Floor
Picot plate 14040000

for 4D single-brush MNB14022
115.00€ Excluding VAT
Plate double-sided - Repex Floor
Plate double-sided 14160000
124.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction skirt - Repex Floor
Suction skirt 14050000
224.00€ Excluding VAT
Brushing pack - Repex Floor
Brushing pack 14200000
755.00€ Excluding VAT
Counterweight - Repex Floor
Counterweight 14180000
165.00€ Excluding VAT
SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM - Repex Floor
SOFT satellite plate interface Ø 150 MM 13100610
5.40€ Excluding VAT
MEDIUM satellite pad interface Ø 150 MM - Repex Floor
MEDIUM satellite pad interface Ø 150 MM 13100611
5.85€ Excluding VAT
HARD satellite pad interface Ø 150 MM - Repex Floor
HARD satellite pad interface Ø 150 MM 13100612
9.25€ Excluding VAT
parquet  glue Spare blades
parquet glue Spare blades 14120300
295.00€ Excluding VAT
Concrete glue Spare blades
Concrete glue Spare blades 14110301
235.00€ Excluding VAT
LED lamp 24V - Repex Floor
LED lamp 24V 14100000
155.00€ Excluding VAT
Single-phase extension lead 10M PINK - Repex Floor
Single-phase extension lead 10M PINK 14990001
96.00€ Excluding VAT

4D Single Disc Multi-Brush

4D Single Disc Multi-Brushr: Versatility without compromise!

Discover the Versatile Power of our 4D Sander

The Repex Floor 4D Multi-Disc Single-Brush Sander is an exceptionally versatile machine, available with a range of motors to suit all requirements. Its range of applications extends from the grinding and polishing of concrete screeds to the complete sanding of parquet floors, as well as the effective removal of adhesives and resins from various surfaces.

1. Exemplary versatility :

The 4D Sander stands out for its remarkable versatility, capable of adapting to a multitude of tasks. Whether it's grinding and polishing concrete screeds, sanding parquet from rough to finish, or removing adhesives and resins, this machine is an essential asset for surface preparation professionals.

2. A range of engines:

The Repex Floor 4D Multi-Disc Single-Brush Sander is available with a range of motors, allowing users to choose the power output best suited to their specific needs. This flexibility guarantees optimum performance in a variety of applications, ensuring maximum efficiency on site.

3. Surface preparation made easy :

Thanks to its versatility, the 4D Sander simplifies surface preparation work. From intensive work on concrete to delicate finishing on parquet, it offers a complete solution, reducing the need to use several different machines.

4. Ideal for all stages:

The 4D Sander excels at all stages of the process, whether it's rough work on concrete screeds, initial sanding of parquet floors, or the delicate phase of removing adhesives and resins. This makes it an essential tool, covering the whole spectrum of surface preparation work.

5. Efficiency and Performance :

Repex Floor places great emphasis on the efficiency and performance of the 4D Sander. Its advanced design and technical features ensure exceptional results, making this machine a top choice for demanding professionals.

Choose versatility with Repex Floor :

The 4D Multidisc Monobrush Sander embodies the ultimate versatility for surface preparation work. Choose power, efficiency and flexibility with Repex Floor, your essential partner for exceptional sanding performance. Transform your jobsites with the 4D Sander, a versatile asset designed to excel in every application.

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