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Diamond Segments Concrete

Diamond Segments Concrete

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Black diamond segment - Repex Floor
Black diamond segment 13060700
432.00€ Excluding VAT
Green diamond segment - Repex Floor
Green diamond segment 13060300
432.00€ Excluding VAT
Red diamond segment - Repex Floor
Red diamond segment 13060100
296.00€ Excluding VAT
Grey diamond segment - Repex Floor
Grey diamond segment 13060200
376.00€ Excluding VAT
Brown diamond segment - Repex Floor
Brown diamond segment 13060400
376.00€ Excluding VAT
Purple diamond segment - Repex Floor
Purple diamond segment 13060600
376.00€ Excluding VAT

Diamond Segments Concrete

Repex Floor diamond segments Concrete are top-of-the-range sanding tools designed to deliver exceptional performance. Manufactured from high quality materials, these segments guarantee superior cutting efficiency and exceptional durability.

Repex diamond segments are specially designed for use with sanding and polishing machines, providing high-precision results on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, natural stone and hard coatings. They are suitable for levelling, grinding, polishing and surface preparation work.

These diamond segments offer excellent wear resistance, enabling them to maintain their cutting performance even under intensive use. Their design also allows for efficient dust evacuation, reducing clogging and improving visibility during the sanding process.

Repex diamond segments are available in a range of sizes and configurations to suit specific user requirements. 

Opting for Repex diamond segments means choosing sanding tools you can trust, renowned for their superior quality, durability and exceptional performance on a wide range of surfaces.

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