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Parquet sanders & accessories

Discover our wide range of high quality Floor Parquet sanders & accessories at the best prices. Repex Floor : Your Trusted Partner for Parquet Sanding Equipment.

Our equipment is manufactured in France in our workshops. 
You can benefit from a wide choice of spare parts and accessories.


Repex Floor opens the doors to an exceptional world of parquet sanding equipment, offering a wide range of high quality sanders, light edgers, single discs, multi-discs and hoovers, all at competitive prices. When you choose Repex Floor, you're choosing high-performance, durable and affordable equipment.

1. Parquet sanders: Quality at a competitive price

Our floor sanders are designed with meticulous attention to detail to deliver impeccable results. Equipped with advanced technology, they guarantee precise, fast and efficient sanding, making the work of floor craftsmen easier. Repex Floor is committed to offering competitive prices so that exceptional quality is accessible to all.

2. Lightweight edgebanders: Precision and manoeuvrability

Repex Floor's lightweight edgebanders are invaluable partners for finishing work. Their ergonomic design makes them easy to handle, while their power and precision ensure quality work. Opt for excellence in every detail with our lightweight edgebanders.

3. Monobrushes and Multidisks: Versatility to the fore

Our single and multi-disc brushes offer exceptional versatility to meet a variety of sanding and polishing needs. Robust and reliable, this equipment allows you to accomplish a multitude of tasks with a single machine, offering optimum efficiency on the worksite.

4. Hoovers: cleanliness and comfort at work

Vacuuming is a key element in any sanding project. Our hoovers are designed to ensure efficient dust extraction, creating a cleaner and safer working environment. Choose Repex Floor for optimum working comfort.

5. French manufacturing: Excellence and proximity

All our equipment is manufactured in France, in our own workshops, guaranteeing impeccable quality. Repex Floor is committed to promoting French excellence and supporting floor craftsmen by providing tools that match their skills.

6. Spare Parts and Accessories: The Guarantee of Long-Lasting Durability

Repex Floor not only offers you exceptional machines, but also a wide range of spare parts and accessories. As a result, you can be sure of long-lasting equipment, which is easy to maintain and repair.

Choose Repex Floor, Choose French Excellence in Parquet Sanding

By choosing Repex Floor, you are opting for quality, durability and performance. Our complete range of equipment, manufactured in France, meets the expectations of the most demanding floor craftsmen. Make every project a success with Repex Floor, your trusted partner in parquet sanding.

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