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Aluminium interlock

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Aluminium interlock 14040300

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Aluminium interlock

Aluminium interlock

Aluminium interlock for 4D multi-disc single-brush sander platen

An aluminium interlock is used to lock or release the attachment system for work accessories, just like the plastic interlock. However, using an aluminium material for the lock generally offers greater strength and durability than a plastic lock. The aluminium interlock is designed to withstand stress and repeated use, making it a more robust option, ideal for professional or industrial environments where the sander is subject to heavy use.

The operation of the aluminium interlock is similar to that of the plastic interlock: it locks or unlocks the spike plate (or other fastening system) to attach or remove polishing pads, abrasive discs or brushes on the sander.

In terms of when to consider changing the aluminium interlock, the signs that it may need replacing are similar to those for the plastic interlock:

1. Difficulty locking or unlocking: if you find it difficult to use the aluminium latch to lock or unlock the fastening system, this may indicate that it is worn or that there are problems with its operation.

2. Physical damage: although the aluminium latch is stronger than the plastic one, it may still suffer physical damage such as deformation, cracks or breaks. If this happens, it must be replaced to ensure secure attachment of the accessories.

3. Play or looseness: a worn aluminium interlock may have excessive play or fail to lock firmly in place when in use, leading to poor attachment retention and problems during operation of the sander.

If you experience any of these problems or suspect that the aluminium interlock is faulty, it is recommended that you contact Repex Floor's service department for diagnosis and replacement of the interlock if necessary. As always, it is important to use genuine Repex replacement parts to ensure optimum compatibility and performance of your 4D single disc sander.

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Aluminium interlock

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