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Thermal circuit breaker 16A - Repex Floor
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Thermal circuit breaker 16A

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Thermal circuit breaker 16A 9013

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Thermal circuit breaker 16A

Thermal circuit breaker 16A

Thermal circuit breaker 16A for 4D and PSL single-brush sanders 

A Thermal circuit breaker 16A is an electrical protection device that plays a crucial role in the safety of the appliance and its user. Its main purpose is to prevent electrical overloads and excessive heating of the sander motor. When the electrical current exceeds the limit of 16 amps or when the motor temperature reaches a critical level, the thermal circuit breaker automatically trips and cuts off the power supply to protect the sander from damage and avoid any risk of fire or electrocution.

The thermal cut-out is therefore an essential element in ensuring user safety and extending the life of the single-brush sander. It also prevents electrical overloads that could damage the motor's internal components.

When to consider changing the thermal circuit breaker depends on its condition and operation. Here are some situations in which replacement of the thermal circuit breaker may be necessary:

1. Frequent tripping: If the thermal cut-out trips frequently during normal use of the single disc sander, this may indicate a malfunction or recurring overload. In this case, it is advisable to have the sander checked by the Repex Floor after-sales service to identify the cause of the problem.

2. Visible damage: if the thermal circuit breaker shows signs of wear or visible damage, such as cracks, deformation or broken parts, it must be replaced to ensure adequate electrical protection.

3. Connection problems: if the thermal circuit breaker is not maintaining the electrical connection correctly and is no longer fulfilling its protective function, it is time to replace it.

4. Preventive maintenance: finally, to maintain the safety and efficiency of the single-brush sander, it is advisable to carry out preventive maintenance. The thermal circuit breaker can be one of these regular checks.

In conclusion, the 16A thermal circuit breaker is an essential electrical protection device that ensures user safety and protects the appliance against overloads. Consider replacing this part if it shows signs of malfunction, wear or damage. If you have any doubts about the condition of the thermal circuit breaker on your single-brush sander, it's best to have the appliance checked by a qualified professional to ensure safe use.

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Thermal circuit breaker 16A

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