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PLO Various spare parts

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Cable 3 wires X 2,5MM² - Repex Floor
Cable 3 wires X 2,5MM² ELEC3G25
7.60€ Excluding VAT
Cable 5 wires X 2,5MM² high quality PINK - Repex Floor
Cable 5 wires X 2,5MM² high quality PINK ELEC5G25
10.32€ Excluding VAT
Large dust bag - Repex Floor
Large dust bag RPXBAG03
47.90€ Excluding VAT
Single-phase switch - Repex Floor
Single-phase switch 55501
117.00€ Excluding VAT
Double belt - Repex Floor
Double belt A38
27.30€ Excluding VAT
Toothed belt - Repex Floor
Toothed belt 981
18.81€ Excluding VAT
Belt PLOB - Repex Floor
Belt PLOB 812
19.30€ Excluding VAT
Drum belt - Repex Floor
Drum belt 980
18.81€ Excluding VAT
Suction belt Ouragan - Repex Floor
Suction belt Ouragan 845
11.99€ Excluding VAT
25µF static capacitor - Repex Floor
25µF static capacitor 25 MF
37.60€ Excluding VAT
Flat spanner 21 - Repex Floor
Flat spanner 21 1804
9.90€ Excluding VAT

PLO Various spare parts

Spare parts for PLO Various spare parts

Spare parts for the motor of a PLO OURAGAN sander include various components essential for its electrical operation. These include extension leads and cables for the power supply, dust bags for debris collection, belts for power transmission, capacitors for motor starting, push buttons for control, as well as other electrical components etc. These spare parts are essential for maintaining the performance and reliability of the sander motor, while ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Some spare parts from the PLO Accessories section are available on this page.