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Straight pipe 4D - Repex Floor
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Straight pipe 4D

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Straight pipe 4D 14110401

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Straight pipe 4D

Straight pipe 4D

Straight pipe 4D monobrush sander 4D2

The Ø38 straight tube of a single-brush sander is an essential part of the machine. It generally performs two main functions:

1. Structural support: the straight tube acts as a structural support for the single-brush sander, connecting the machine's handle or handlebar to the main body. It ensures the machine's stability and durability during use.

2. Conduit: The straight tube can also be used as a conduit for electrical cables or hoses (e.g. for water distribution in some single-brush sanders with humidification systems). In this way, it ensures the machine's smooth operation by allowing the circulation of the components required for its use.

When to consider changing this part depends on several factors:

1. Wear: if the straight tube shows signs of significant wear, such as cracks, deformation or broken parts, it should be replaced. Wear can be caused by prolonged use or difficult working conditions.

2. Damage: in the event of impacts or accidents which damage the straight tube of the single-brush sander, it is advisable to replace it to avoid any risk of malfunction or potential malfunction.

3. Leaks or malfunctions: if the straight tube plays a role in channelling fluids (e.g. water for humidification), leaks or circulation problems may occur if the part is damaged or degraded.

4. Preventive maintenance: in some cases, it may be advisable to replace certain parts on a regular basis to ensure optimum machine performance. Manufacturers can provide guidelines for maintenance and parts replacement intervals.

In summary, consider replacing the Ø38 straight tube on your single-brush sander when it shows signs of wear, significant damage, or when it is necessary to prevent potential problems due to prolonged use. For specific advice on your single-brush sander, please contact Repex Floor Customer Service.

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Straight pipe 4D

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