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Static capacitor

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Static capacitor 13020102

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Static capacitor

Static capacitor 

Static capacitor for the old BORA single-brush sander model 

A static capacitor, also known as a permanent capacitor, is an electrical component used in some single-brush sanders. Its main function is to provide high starting torque to the sander's single-phase motor when it is switched on. Unlike the starting capacitor, which is temporary and deactivated once the motor reaches operating speed, the static capacitor remains permanently active during motor operation to improve efficiency.

The static capacitor is used to create a phase shift in the electrical current applied to the single-phase motor, allowing it to produce a higher starting torque and overcome initial inertia. This allows the single-brush sander to start more easily, reducing problems of motor stalling or overloading on start-up and improving the overall efficiency of the unit.

Regarding when to consider changing the static capacitor, here are some signs that it may be faulty or at the end of its life:

1. Difficulty starting: if the single disc sander has difficulty starting or takes longer than usual to reach operating speed, this could be a sign that the static capacitor is not working properly.

2. Decrease in power: if you notice a significant drop in the power of the sander or a decrease in the speed of rotation even at full load, this may be due to a defective static capacitor which is not providing the motor with the correct phase shift.

3. Motor overheating: a faulty static capacitor can cause the sander motor to overheat, as the motor may struggle to start correctly and operate efficiently.

4. Abnormal noises: If you hear strange noises coming from the sander while it is running, this may be a sign that the capacitor is malfunctioning.

As with any electrical component, it is important to follow the recommendations for servicing and replacing parts. If you encounter any of these problems or suspect that the static capacitor is faulty, it is recommended that you contact Repex Floor's after-sales service to carry out a diagnosis and replace the capacitor if necessary. Handling electrical components without the appropriate skills can be dangerous, so it is best to seek professional help for any electrical repairs.

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Static capacitor

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