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Combi Pistol 600 - Repex Floor
Glue gun A00086
70.00€ Excluding VAT
Cartridge gun - Repex Floor
Cartridge gun A00077
29.90€ Excluding VAT
Battery applicator gun 50
Battery applicator gun 50 WA035038
490.00€ Excluding VAT
Battery-powered applicator gun 90
Battery-powered applicator gun 90 WA597632
1,790.00€ Excluding VAT


Professional guns are specially designed to meet all your needs when it comes to applying sealant or adhesive. Made from robust, durable materials, this range of guns is ideal for renovation and construction projects.

These guns feature a high-quality pressure mechanism that ensures even distribution of materials, eliminating the risk of spills and splashes. What's more, their ergonomic design makes them easy to grip, ensuring high precision and optimum comfort during application.

These professional guns have a number of key features:

1. Power: They allow quick and easy transition between different thrust ratios.
2. Durability: Their solid, durable construction guarantees long-term use.
3. Ergonomic handle: Ergonomically designed for optimum comfort in use.
4. No need to lubricate parts: They are designed to operate without the need for regular lubrication.
5. Superior pressure mechanism: Ensures even, precise application.
6. Easy to maintain: These guns are easy to clean and maintain, maximising their durability.

In short, these guns are reliable, durable and precise tools for all your sealant or adhesive applications, whether in construction or renovation work.

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