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Manufacturer of professional sanders since 1946

Founded in 1946, Repex Floor first specialized in the design and manufacture of floor sanders for professionals. Over the years, the company has developed a range of belt and disc sanders, always with technical innovation in mind. The company's exceptional industrial competence allows it to master the design and manufacture of sanders as well as the motors that equip them.

In recent years, Repex Floor has diversified to offer machines capable of preparing, planing, grinding, brushing and of course sanding wood, but also concrete, stone, etc...

Repex Floor has been at your service for almost 75 years and has built its reputation for power and durability on the quality of its sanding machines. Since the launch of the 4D multi-disc sander, it has been proven that a Repex machine can be equally effective on all types of floors, wood, mineral, concrete, and whatever the type of work required (cleaning, sanding or even planing).

This is why we complete our catalog each year with a wider range of tools and accessories, with the constant concern of meeting your needs. This new diversity of applications enhances the exceptional know-how of our technical teams, who repair and maintain your sanders, whatever their age and origin. In order to meet your demand, from 2020 onwards, we will complete our service offer with technical training sessions on the different applications as well as on the maintenance of the machines. Do not hesitate to ask for more information!


Les valeurs de notre entreprise

Repex Floor values

Power and reliability: Repex machines are known for their exceptional qualities, power and durability. They are equipped with motors specially designed by our technical services to meet the most demanding requirements of construction professionals and are recognized for their reliability. Because they are entirely manufactured in our factories, the quality of construction of our machines is demonstrated by the impressive number of sanders over 50 to 60 years old still in service. Thus, properly maintained, a Repex machine can be used for generations.


Formation pour parqueteurs et soliers professionnels

Training for professional floorers and parquet installers

Repex Floor organizes training sessions for its clients:


  • Floorers :
    • We will also train you in the use of sanding machines and their tools and accessories, and in the different categories of abrasives according to the particularities of the floors.
    • Special concrete and decorative floors: A training session for Repex 4D users, in partnership with a manufacturer of concrete.
    • Special training session on maintenance/repair
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