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Aluchoc multi-purpose knife - Repex Floor
ALUCHOC multi-purpose knife A00095
7.34€ Excluding VAT
Painter's knife Aluchoc 8 cm - Repex Floor
Painter's knife Aluchoc 8 cm A000103
6.62€ Excluding VAT
Stanley scraper blade 25 mm - Repex Floor
Stanley scraper blade A00048
14.15€ Excluding VAT
Stanley scraper blade 38 mm - Repex Floor
Stanley scraper blade A00049
14.99€ Excluding VAT
Flexible rotabox - Repex Floor
Flexible rotabox A00100
29.90€ Excluding VAT
Transparent bucket lid - Repex Floor
Transparent bucket lid A00055
2.88€ Excluding VAT
Multiclip Sert-seal - Repex Floor
Multiclip Sert-seal A00039
6.10€ Excluding VAT
LED lamp 24V - Repex Floor
LED lamp 24V 14100000
155.00€ Excluding VAT


Tools include a variety of specialist tools designed to ensure quality workmanship in floor construction and renovation. These include painter's knives, which are essential for precise, careful application of floor coverings, and scrapers, which help to prepare surfaces effectively by removing imperfections. Multiclips are also invaluable allies, offering a stable and versatile hold for different types of material. To work in optimum conditions, floor craftsmen can rely on powerful LED lamps, providing bright, even lighting for detail work, even in dark areas. By combining these specialist tools, floor professionals are equipped to carry out high-quality projects and successfully meet the demands of their trade.

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