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BLE Spare parts

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Switch BLE - Repex Floor
Switch BLE 55506
24.50€ Excluding VAT
Connecting nozzle - Repex Floor
Socket connector 4603
64.00€ Excluding VAT
Adjustment key - Repex Floor
Adjustment key 4605
12.75€ Excluding VAT
Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY - Repex Floor
Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY ELEC3G15
95.00€ Excluding VAT

BLE Spare parts

Various BLE spare parts: The BLE edging machine, an essential piece of finishing equipment, stands out for its performance and robustness. However, like any mechanical device, it may require spare parts to keep it running smoothly over time. These essential elements include a diverse range of spare parts, helping to extend the machine's life.

The switches, key components of the BLE flanging machine, ensure precise control of the machine. From start and emergency stop switches to speed selectors, these parts ensure that the machine is operated safely and easily. High-quality switches ensure smooth, reliable operation of the flanging machine, optimising performance in every operation.

Connecting nipples play a crucial role in the efficiency of the flanging process. These small components facilitate the connection between different elements, such as pipes, tubes or ducts. Available in a variety of materials and configurations, connecting nipples guarantee a reliable seal, contributing to the quality of the work carried out by the BLE flanging machine.

Cables, whether electrical or pneumatic, represent another category of essential spare parts. Often subjected to mechanical, thermal or electrical stress, cables can wear out over time. Regular replacement of these components preserves the integrity of the edging machine's electrical and pneumatic system, ensuring optimum operation.

The availability of these diverse spare parts demonstrates BLE's commitment to durability and preventive maintenance. Users of this equipment can rely on a reliable supply of spare parts to keep their machine in perfect working order. By investing in these quality components, joinery professionals can guarantee the continuity of their production and maximise the profitability of their equipment.

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