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Key 22 for satellite tray - Repex Floor
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Key 22 for satellite tray

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Key 22 for satellite tray 14101001

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Key 22 for satellite tray

Key 22 for satellite tray

Key 22 for satellite tray for 4D single-brush sander 

The 22 satellite plate wrench is a special tool used to secure and release the satellite plate on the sander. The satellite plate is a part that attaches to the sander's spindle and is used to fix various accessories such as sanding pads, abrasive discs or brushes to carry out different types of sanding, polishing or cleaning work.

The 22 wrench is designed with a 22 mm hexagonal recess that corresponds to the satellite plate fixing bolt. When used, it firmly clamps the satellite plate to the sander spindle, ensuring solid attachment of accessories. It is also used to loosen the plate when you need to change accessories.

To help you decide when to consider changing the 22 key for the satellite plate, here are a few indications:

1. Wear or physical damage: like any tool, the 22 key can wear out over time, or be damaged by intensive use or mishandling. If you notice signs of wear, such as blunt edges, deformation or cracks on the key, it may be time to replace it.

2. Incorrect adjustment: if the 22 key no longer fits correctly on the satellite plate fixing bolt, this may be a sign of excessive wear, which can make it difficult to secure or release the plate.

3. Slipping or difficulty in use: If you have difficulty tightening or loosening the satellite plate with the 22 wrench, this may indicate that the wrench is worn and no longer performing its function effectively.

It's important to ensure that the 22 wrench is always in good working order, as it's essential for changing accessories on the single-brush sander quickly and easily. If you observe any of the above-mentioned problems, or if you have any doubts about the condition of the 22 key, we recommend replacing it with a new Repex Floor original key to ensure perfect compatibility with your single-brush sander and to facilitate accessory change operations.

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Key 22 for satellite tray

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