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There are several oils for parquet floors:

1. Solvent-based oil: The aim of this solvent-based wax oil is to maintain the natural appearance of untreated wood, while offering ease of application. Simply apply it to the wood surface and it will impregnate and protect it from dust and moisture. Treated surfaces are easy to maintain and can be regenerated effortlessly, even under heavy use. It is suitable for all types of wood, making it a recommended choice for their maintenance.

2. Solvent-based wax oil: Solid'Oil one-coat hard oil impregnates, stains and protects parquet and wood in a single operation. It offers great resistance by creating an interactive mesh in contact with the wood, nourishing it in depth. This oil enhances the natural appearance of wood while making it easy to maintain.

3. Aqueous Biosourced Environmental Oil: This biosourced formula combines performance and respect for the environment. It offers the best technical solution for preserving the natural, clear appearance of wood, while being environmentally friendly.

Find out more about all these oils on our pages!

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