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Shades & concentrates

Shades & concentrates offer a wide range of choices in terms of components, colours and appearance, and make it possible to personalise the appearance of wood floors, adding an aesthetic touch and creating a warm ambience.

They include :

- Wood Stain is an aqua-polyurethane, water-based product designed to stain wood floors before sealing or varnishing, offering a wide range of shades that can be mixed together, easily applied to all wood species, with the option of immediate buffing for perfect uniformity of wood shade.

- The two-component, water-based parquet stain is easy to apply and offers a wide range of deep shades, ideal for large surfaces. It can be overcoated directly with any Aqua finish in the range, offering excellent colour recovery, and is suitable for a variety of wood surfaces such as parquet, flooring, stairs, panelling, furniture and wainscoting, without the need for prior blocking or fixing.

- Concentrates are practical solutions for adjusting the tone of light woods and harmonising floors of different species, offering a wide range of options for customising the colour of the floor. Available in water- and solvent-based versions, they are highly appreciated by professionals.

 - Special Fittings Stain is designed to match the colour of wood when replacing individual boards or making local repairs, ensuring consistency of colour between old and new boards. It highlights the natural grain of the wood and can be overlaid with any finish, without the need for a hard primer.


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