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Spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade Handle

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Tube clamp plug - Repex Floor
Tube clamp plug 1502
18.14€ Excluding VAT
Upper sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Upper sleeve flange 1507
100.00€ Excluding VAT
Lower sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Lower sleeve flange 1505
69.00€ Excluding VAT
Square nut 11 MM - Repex Floor
Square nut 11 MM 1510
26.40€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade handle

Spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade handle 

Typhon 2 Tornade sander handle spares include components such as clamps and locking plugs. These are essential for securing and adjusting the handle, ensuring a stable and comfortable grip on the machine, which improves ergonomics and efficiency when sanding.

Some spare parts for the Typhoon 2 Tornade handle are available on this page.

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