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Spare parts Chassis BLE

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Motor cover - Repex Floor
Motor cover 4112
180.00€ Excluding VAT
Base - Repex Floor
Base 4101
127.00€ Excluding VAT
Base Stud - Repex Floor
Base Stud 41012
5.03€ Excluding VAT
Grommet - Repex Floor
Grommet 4110
2.53€ Excluding VAT
Switch contact lever - Repex Floor
Switch contact lever 4114
18.10€ Excluding VAT
Switch holder - Repex Floor
Switch holder 4115
25.70€ Excluding VAT
Terminal block - Repex Floor
Terminal block 4116
11.82€ Excluding VAT
Zephir Switch - Repex Floor
Zephir Switch 4105
11.13€ Excluding VAT
Cable clamp - Repex Floor
Cable clamp 4107
2.31€ Excluding VAT
Cable gland - Repex Floor
Cable gland 4108
2.53€ Excluding VAT
Black handle - Repex Floor
Black handle 41122N
2.91€ Excluding VAT
Grey handle - Repex Floor
Grey handle 41122
2.80€ Excluding VAT
Turbine cover plate - Repex Floor
Turbine cover plate 4205
25.50€ Excluding VAT
Cable with moulded plug - Repex Floor
Cable with moulded plug 55587
31.10€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Chassis BLE

Spare parts Chassis BLE (edger sander) contribute to the structure, stability and smooth operation of the machine.

Here are some of these parts and their functions, as well as information on when to consider replacing them:

1. Sanding plate: This is the surface to which the sanding paper is attached and where the sanding takes place. If the pad is damaged, scratched or does not hold the sanding paper well, it may need to be replaced to ensure effective sanding.

2. Dust guard: Some models of edging sander are fitted with a dust guard to reduce the spread of dust during sanding. If this guard is damaged, it may need to be replaced to maintain a clean and safe working environment.

3. Handles and carrying handle: The handles provide a comfortable grip and make the sander easy to handle. If a handle is broken, cracked or shows signs of excessive wear, it is advisable to replace it to ensure safe and comfortable use.

4. Chassis in general: The chassis is the main structure of the edger sander. Signs of wear such as cracks, deformation or loose parts may indicate the need to replace chassis components to maintain the stability and robustness of the machine.

When to consider changing a chassis part :

1. Visible wear: If you see obvious signs of wear, such as cracks, broken or deformed parts, it's probably time to replace the part.

2. Loss of efficiency: If the sander does not work as efficiently as it used to, even with regular maintenance, this may indicate that parts of the frame need to be replaced.

3. Stability problems: Stability problems, such as excessive vibration or instability during sanding, may indicate problems with the frame that require inspection and possible replacement of parts.

It is recommended that you consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of your edger sander for specific information on maintenance and replacement of frame parts. Regular maintenance, checking the condition of components after each intensive use, and preventive replacement of worn parts will help maintain the performance and durability of your edger sander.

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