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Various spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade

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Belt Typhon2 - Repex Floor
Belt Typhon2 1222J
21.70€ Excluding VAT
Suction belt Typhon 2 - Repex Floor
Suction belt Typhon 2 A26
15.14€ Excluding VAT
Suction belt Tornade - Repex Floor
Suction belt Tornade A27
15.14€ Excluding VAT
Lip seal for external tensioner shaft - Repex Floor
Lip seal for external tensioner shaft 623510
5.68€ Excluding VAT
Lip seal tensioning shaft interior - Repex Floor
Lip seal tensioning shaft interior 623210
5.26€ Excluding VAT
Female extender 32A - Repex Floor
Female extender 32A 08050000
17.55€ Excluding VAT
Cable 3 wires X 2,5MM² - Repex Floor
Cable 3 wires X 2,5MM² ELEC3G25
7.60€ Excluding VAT

Various spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade

Various spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade

The various spare parts for Typhon 2 Tornado sanders are of strategic importance in maintaining these tools in optimum condition. Among these components, the belt plays a fundamental role in power transmission. Rigorously designed to ensure maximum adhesion between the motor and the sanding disc, the belt guarantees smooth, constant rotation, ensuring even, efficient sanding results.

Another essential component is the extension, which helps to extend the reach of the Typhon 2 Tornado sander, offering greater flexibility when reaching hard-to-reach areas. The quality design of this component ensures a reliable connection between the sander and the extension, preserving the efficiency of the system while making it easier to work on a variety of surfaces.

As for the gasket, it plays a vital role in keeping the sander watertight. Strategically positioned to prevent the ingress of dust and moisture, the gasket helps to extend the life of the machine's internal components while ensuring stable, reliable performance over time.

Finally, the plug is the essential link between the tool and the power source. A quality plug guarantees a stable and secure connection, avoiding any risk of an untimely power cut and ensuring continuity of sanding.

The availability of these spare parts on this page offers a convenient solution for users wishing to maintain, repair or upgrade their Typhon 2 Tornado sander. By investing in these accessories, users can not only extend the life of their tool, but also ensure optimum sanding performance for a variety of tasks. The range of Typhon 2 Tornade spares on offer on this platform underlines the brand's commitment to quality and reliability, providing users with the means to maximise the efficiency of their equipment.

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