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Various spare parts Typhon 1

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Suction belt Typhon 1 - Repex Floor
Suction belt Typhon 1 A28.5
14.52€ Excluding VAT
Drum belt Typhon 1 - Repex Floor
Drum belt Typhon 1 BX35 1/2
12.77€ Excluding VAT
Cable 5 wires X 2,5M high quality PINK - Repex Floor
Cable 5 wires X 2,5M high quality PINK ELEC5G25
25.08€ Excluding VAT
Skirting board protection strip - Repex Floor
Skirting board protection strip 9002
8.35€ Excluding VAT
Cable 3 wires X 2,5M - Repex Floor
Cable 3 wires X 2,5M ELEC3G25
19.00€ Excluding VAT

Various spare parts Typhon 1

Various spare parts Typhon 1

The various spare parts for the Typhon 1 sander include a range of essential components such as belts, cables, plugs and extension leads. These components play a crucial role in keeping the tool running efficiently by ensuring power transmission, electrical connectivity and flexibility of use. Belts, for example, ensure optimum transmission of power from the motor to the sanding drum, contributing to precise, powerful sanding performance.

Electrical cables and plugs are specially designed to ensure reliable connectivity, keeping the Typhon 1 sander running safely and efficiently. In addition, extension leads offer flexibility of use by extending the reach of the tool, which is particularly useful in a variety of working environments.

The availability of certain Typhon 1 accessory spare parts, as indicated on this specific page, offers users the possibility of replacing or upgrading these components, thus ensuring the continuity of the sander's optimum performance. By focusing on the quality and functionality of these parts, users can maintain the durability and efficiency of their Typhon 1 sander over time, contributing to a reliable, high-performance sanding experience.

Some spare parts Typhon 1 accessories are available on this page.

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