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Hard brush tray - Repex Floor
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Hard brush tray

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Hard brush tray 14140000

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Hard brush tray

Hard brush tray 

Hard brush tray for 4D multi-disc monobrush sander 

A hard brush plate is a part used for cleaning, stripping or polishing hard surfaces such as concrete, stone or tiled floors. The hard brush is made up of bristles or rigid wires that effectively remove encrusted dirt, stubborn residues and old finishing coats.

The hard brush plate is particularly suitable for stripping floors or surfaces that are difficult to clean with softer pads. It can be used for aggressive stripping operations to remove tough coatings or stubborn stains.

When to consider replacing the hard-brush pad depends on the wear and condition of the pad.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to change the brush:

1. Excessive wear: if the bristles or wires of the brush are badly worn, broken or sagging, this can reduce the effectiveness of cleaning or stripping. When the brush loses its rigidity, it will not be able to provide the force needed to remove dirt properly.

2. Structural damage: if the brush plate has cracks, deformations or structural damage, it will not be able to operate properly and may also damage the surface to be cleaned.

3. Unsatisfactory results: if, despite proper maintenance and use, you notice that the sander is not delivering the expected cleaning or stripping results, this may be a sign that the hard brush plate is worn and needs replacing.

4. Difficulty maintaining working speed: if you notice that the brush rotation speed decreases frequently even when you increase the speed of the sander, this may indicate that the brush is worn and is having difficulty adhering to the floor properly.

It is important to follow the manufacturer's recommendations regarding the maintenance and replacement of single-brush sander parts.

If you observe any of the signs mentioned above or if you notice a significant drop in the efficiency of the sander, it is advisable to replace the hard brush plate to ensure optimum work and avoid damaging the machine or the surface to be treated.

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Hard brush tray

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