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Standardised female socket - Repex Floor
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Standardised female socket

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Standardised female socket 55571

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Standardised female socket

Standardised female socket

for 4D single-brush sander

A Standardised female socket is a standardised electrical interface located on the body of the machine. It is used to accept the male plug of a power cable or extension lead. The standard socket makes it easy to connect the sander to a power source to supply it with power.

When you plug the male end of an electrical cable into the standard socket on the single-brush sander, the appliance is ready for use.

In terms of when to consider changing the standard socket on the single disc sander, the same factors as mentioned above for other parts apply:

1. Wear: If the socket shows signs of wear, such as oxidised contacts, deformed pins or broken parts, it is time to replace it. Wear can be caused by frequent use of the sander or by difficult working conditions.

2. Damage: if the socket is damaged or deformed, or if internal parts are broken, it may no longer provide a reliable and safe electrical connection.

3. Poor contact: if the female plug does not make good contact with the male plug of the power supply cable, this may lead to power cuts, loss of power or risk of overheating.

4. Safety: a faulty socket can pose a safety risk to the user by causing electric shocks or short circuits.

If in doubt about the condition of the standard socket on your single-brush sander, it is best to have it checked by a qualified Repex Floor technician. It's important not to neglect the condition of the appliance's electrical components to ensure safe use.

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Standardised female socket

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