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Drum pulley PSL - Repex Floor
Drum pulley PSL 9011
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Spare parts Tambour PSL

Spare parts Tambour PSL section is crucial to the smooth operation of a belt sander. This key component makes a significant contribution to the efficiency and performance of the machine.

The belt sander is based on the use of a continuous sanding belt, firmly attached to a rotating drum. The drum is closely linked to the machine's motor and rotates at high speed to drive the sanding belt. It is this rapid, regular movement of the belt that gives the sander its ability to perform sanding operations quickly, easily and efficiently.

When the sander comes into contact with a surface, such as a wooden floor, the sanding drum is activated to perform the sanding operation. These belt sanders are particularly well suited to completing large jobs quickly. The speed at which the sanding belt moves generally varies between 300 and 500 metres per minute, offering flexibility to adapt to a variety of tasks.

The size of the sanding belt also plays a crucial role in the sanding process. A wider belt allows a larger sanding surface to be treated. These dimensions generally vary between 75 and 100 millimetres in width and between 500 and 1000 millimetres in length, offering adaptability to the specific needs of each project.

The PSL drum section is made up of several parts, requiring precise adjustment to ensure the machine is perfectly balanced. This meticulous adjustment is essential to ensure optimum performance from the belt sander, avoiding any imbalance that could compromise the quality of the sanding. In short, precision in the assembly of the PSL drum section contributes significantly to the reliability and efficiency of the belt sander as a whole.

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