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Various spare parts PLE

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Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY - Repex Floor
Overmoulded cable 230V HIGH QUALITY ELEC3G15
95.00€ Excluding VAT
25µF static capacitor - Repex Floor
25µF static capacitor 25 MF
37.60€ Excluding VAT
Single-phase switch - Repex Floor
Single-phase switch 55501
117.00€ Excluding VAT
Cable 3 wires X 2,5M - Repex Floor
Cable 3 wires X 2,5M ELEC3G25
19.00€ Excluding VAT

Various spare parts PLE

Various spare parts PLE

The various spare parts for the PLE Mistral sander make up a crucial set of accessories that guarantee the tool's optimum functionality. These components include a wide range of electrical elements essential for precise control of the machine, ensuring safe and efficient use for all sanding needs.

Switches are at the heart of these components. They form the interface between the user and the sander, regulating the power supply and controlling the speed of the tool. A quality switch ensures precise start and stop, giving the user total control over the sander, while the switches allow the speed to be adjusted to suit the specific requirements of the job.

Capacitors and resistors are also essential electrical components that contribute to the stability and performance of the sander's electrical circuit. These components ensure smooth operation, protecting the tool against power surges and helping to maintain a constant power distribution.

As connecting elements, cables play a crucial role in the transmission of electrical energy. Quality cables ensure optimum conductivity, reducing the risk of overheating and energy loss. They also contribute to user safety by ensuring a reliable connection between the sander's electrical components.

The availability of these various PLE spare parts on this page offers a practical solution for users looking to maintain or repair their Mistral sander. By investing in these accessories, users can extend the life of their tool and guarantee reliable operation, while ensuring safety during sanding sessions. This comprehensive range of PLE miscellaneous spare parts underlines the brand's commitment to durability and quality, offering users a complete solution for maintaining their equipment.