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Spare parts Typhon 1 motor

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three-phase female socket - Repex Floor
three-phase female socket 54462
33.60€ Excluding VAT
Motor pulley PLO - Repex Floor
Motor pulley PLO 1912
152.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor lock button - Repex Floor
Motor lock button 12090104
2.29€ Excluding VAT
extension socket 220V - Repex Floor
extension socket 220V 1955F
30.90€ Excluding VAT
220V power plug - Repex Floor
220V power plug 1955M
23.20€ Excluding VAT
Complete red push button - Repex Floor
Complete red push button 23715
32.80€ Excluding VAT
Standard male plug - Repex Floor
Standard male plug 55570
11.35€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Typhon 1 motor

Spare parts ​Typhon 1 motor  

The spare parts for the motor of the Typhon 1 sander include essential components such as the pulley, the extension cable and the electrical plug, all of which play a crucial role in the overall mechanism of the machine. The pulley, in particular, plays a central role in transmitting the power generated by the motor, enabling the synchronised movement of the sander's internal components. The extender, meanwhile, acts as an extension piece, making it easier to connect the motor to other parts of the tool, thus contributing to extended reach and versatility of use.

The electrical plug, the third major component, ensures electrical connectivity between the sander and the power source, playing a fundamental role in starting and operating the tool. These components work in harmony to ensure smooth power transmission and stable electrical connectivity, guaranteeing reliable and efficient operation of the Typhon 1 sander. Proper maintenance and replacement when necessary is essential to maintain the tool's optimum performance, ensuring high-quality sanding results and long-term durability.

Some loose parts of the Typhon 1 motor are available on this page.


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