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Spare parts BLE Motor

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Zephyr motor 4000
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Motor pulley Zéphir 4004
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Carbon brush 6.10 PR0001
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Spare parts BLE Motor

Spare parts BLE Motor

Spare parts for the BLE motor (BLE edger sander) are essential to ensure it works properly. Here are some of these parts and their functions, as well as information on when to consider replacing them:

1. Carbon brushes: Carbon brushes are electrical components that supply electricity to the motor. They wear out over time due to friction and can become less efficient. If the sander loses power, the motor runs intermittently, or sparks are visible, this may indicate that the carbon brushes need replacing.

2. Ball bearings: Ball bearings allow the motor to run smoothly. Unusual noises, excessive vibration or reduced performance may indicate that the ball bearings are worn and need to be replaced.

3. Switch: The switch is used to start and stop the sander. If you have difficulty turning the sander on or off, or if the switch appears to be malfunctioning, it may be time to replace it.

4. Induction coil: The induction coil is responsible for creating the magnetic field required to operate the motor. Problems such as loss of power, intermittent blackouts or overheating may indicate problems with the induction coil.

5. Capacitor: The capacitor helps start the motor and keep it running. Signs of failure include difficulty starting, abnormal noises or loss of power.

When to consider changing a part:

1. Visible wear: If you see obvious signs of wear, such as damaged parts, cracks or deformation, it's probably time to replace the defective part.

2. Poor performance: If the sander does not work properly, loses power, or shows other signs of malfunction, even after performing other checks and maintenance, this may indicate the need to replace motor parts.

3. Electrical problems: Electrical problems such as sparking, intermittent power cuts, or ignition problems may indicate faults in some electrical parts of the engine.

It is recommended that you consult the Repex Floor manufacturer of your edger sander for specific instructions on maintenance and replacement of motor parts. In general, regular maintenance, lubrication of moving parts, and preventive replacement of parts subject to wear can help extend the life of your sander.

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