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Spare parts Clutch PLO

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clutch control rod - Repex Floor
clutch control rod 1610
37.80€ Excluding VAT
Control handle axis - Repex Floor
Control handle axis 1606NM
24.10€ Excluding VAT
Clevis pin of the wheel train - Repex Floor
Clevis pin of the wheel train 1607
14.58€ Excluding VAT
Clutch handle - Repex Floor
Clutch handle 1601
90.00€ Excluding VAT
Plastic lever handle - Repex Floor
Plastic lever handle 1611
5.45€ Excluding VAT
Self-lubricating ring - Repex Floor
Self-lubricating ring 1612
5.70€ Excluding VAT
Wheel clevis - Repex Floor
Wheel clevis 1609
14.99€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Clutch PLO

Spare parts Clutch PLO, OURAGAN sander

The clutch parts for a PLO OURAGAN sander are essential for controlling the transmission of power from the machine. The clutch handle allows the user to regulate the clutch, while the clevis and clevis or handle pin provide the engagement mechanism. The rod can be used to activate the clutch remotely if required. These spare parts ensure precise operation of the sander by controlling the operation of the clutch for efficient sanding.

Some loose parts for the PLO Clutch are available on this page.

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