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Hoovers & central vacuum systems

Hoovers & central vacuum systems

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Vacuum cleaner
Vacuum cleaner 7
780.00€ Excluding VAT
Central vacuum unit - Repex Floor
Central vacuum unit 7600
2,870.00€ Excluding VAT
Vacuum pack
Vacuum cleaner 14111000
795.00€ Excluding VAT
Site cleaning pack - Repex Floor
Site cleaning pack 14110400
135.00€ Excluding VAT
Endless bag Longosac - Repex Floor
Endless bag Longosac 70001
165.00€ Excluding VAT
Industrial vaccum cleaner
Industrial vacuum cleaner 7500
2,800.00€ Excluding VAT

Hoovers & central vacuum systems

Hoovers & central vacuum systems from the Repex Floor range for clean worksites!

Optimise cleanliness with Repex Floor hoovers

The hoovers and central vacuum units in the Repex Floor range are essential for keeping a site clean and professional. These powerful systems play a major role in effectively vacuuming dust and debris generated by sanding, ensuring a healthier working environment and a quality finish.

1. Efficient dust and debris extraction :

Repex Floor vacuum systems are designed for efficient suction of dust and debris generated during sanding. Their power guarantees optimum collection, maintaining a cleaner and healthier working environment.

2. Contributing to a Quality Finish :

By quickly eliminating dust and debris, Repex Floor hoovers and central vacuum systems contribute to a quality finish. They prevent the dispersion of unwanted particles, ensuring impeccable results on every project.

3. Simplified post-construction cleaning :

These systems also simplify post-construction cleaning. By effectively removing dust residues, they reduce the time and effort needed to clean the site after completion of the project, providing a hassle-free experience for tradesmen.

4. Optimised Professional Experience :

Repex Floor hoovers optimise the professional experience for tradesmen by maintaining a clean working environment and contributing to quality finishes. They are the ideal complement for professionals concerned about cleanliness on their worksites.

5. Choosing Repex Floor means choosing cleanliness and performance:

Repex Floor is committed to providing complete solutions for demanding professionals. By opting for Repex Floor hoovers and central vacuum units, craftsmen choose cleanliness, performance and ease of use on every site.

Put cleanliness first with Repex Floor :

Repex Floor hoovers and central vacuum units are much more than just cleaning equipment. They are the essential allies for professional, clean and successful worksites. Choose Repex Floor for optimum cleanliness and unrivalled performance on all your projects.


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