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Glue MS260 18KG - Repex Floor
Glue MS260 18KG WA362007
93.10€ Excluding VAT
Polyurethane Primer PU 280 11KG - Repex Floor
Polyurethane Primer PU 280 11KG WA362003
172.00€ Excluding VAT
Glue cartridge MS262 1KG04 - Repex Floor
Glue cartridge MS262 1KG04 WA363207
5.68€ Excluding VAT
Glue cartridge MS262 7KG31 - Repex Floor
Glue cartridge MS262 WA363205
37.50€ Excluding VAT
Cleaning wipes RT 5960 - Repex Floor
Cleaning wipes WA596002
40.20€ Excluding VAT

Parquet Glues

Parquet Glues: the Crucial Importance of Adhesives Dedicated to Flooring Craftsmen

Laying parquet is a delicate and demanding task that requires the use of adhesives specially designed for floor craftsmen. These adhesives are of crucial importance, as they are the very foundation of a successful installation, ensuring a strong bond that guarantees the safety and stability of the flooring.

1. Strong adhesion for safe installation :

The quality of the adhesive used is crucial to the strength of the bond between the parquet and the surface. Adhesives dedicated to flooring craftsmen offer exceptional adhesion, ensuring a secure installation that withstands everyday stresses, natural wood movement and temperature variations.

2. Impact on Longevity and Overall Performance :

The longevity and overall performance of the flooring is largely dependent on the quality of the adhesive used. Quality adhesives ensure a strong bond, preventing premature delamination of the floor. This contributes to the durability of the installation, even under conditions of intensive use.

3. Resistance to everyday stresses :

Adhesives dedicated to floor craftsmen play a crucial role in resisting everyday stresses. Whether it's frequent foot traffic, moving furniture or variations in humidity, these adhesives provide a reliable bond that maintains the integrity of the floor covering over time.

4. Essential partners for sustainable quality :

Beyond their functional role, these adhesives are proving to be truly essential partners for flooring craftsmen. They contribute to the lasting quality of installations, reinforcing the craftsman's reputation as a reliable professional who cares about long-term customer satisfaction.

5. Long-Term Customer Satisfaction :

The quality of the adhesive used by a flooring craftsman has a direct impact on long-term customer satisfaction. Well-constructed installations, using the right adhesives, guarantee not only an aesthetic appearance, but also lasting performance, meeting customers' high expectations.

In conclusion, adhesives dedicated to flooring craftsmen are not simply technical elements in the parquet installation process, but rather strategic partners that influence quality, durability and customer satisfaction. Craftsmen who recognise the importance of choosing the right adhesives are taking an essential step towards the lasting success of their flooring projects.