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Pinion lock spanner - Repex Floor
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Pinion lock spanner

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Pinion lock spanner 14101000

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Pinion lock spanner

Pinion lock spanner

Pinion lock spanner for 4D single-brush sander 

A Pinion lock spanner is a special tool used to hold the motor drive sprocket in place when it's necessary to dismantle or replace certain machine components, such as the accessory plate, center sprocket or other elements linked to the transmission mechanism.

The drive pinion is generally located at the end of the motor and plays a crucial role in transmitting rotary motion from the motor to the accessory plate, enabling the sander to perform the various sanding, polishing or cleaning tasks.

When maintenance or repair operations are required on the single-brush sander, the pinion lock key is used to immobilize the pinion, preventing unintentional movement during handling or replacement of certain parts. This makes it easier to dismantle and assemble components without risking damage to the pinion or other parts of the machine.

As for when to consider changing the pinion lock key, there's no specific period, as this tool is generally designed to last over time. However, if you notice any of the following problems, it may be necessary to replace the pinion lock key :

1. Wear or physical damage: if the locking key shows signs of excessive wear, deformation or physical damage, this may affect its ability to effectively lock the pinion. In this case, replacement is recommended to avoid any risk of losing control of the pinion during maintenance operations.

2. Poor fit: if the locking key does not fit correctly into the pinion cavity, or if it slips during use, it may be worn and no longer perform its function adequately.

3. Difficulty locking the sprocket: if you have difficulty locking the sprocket with the locking key, or if the key fails to hold the sprocket securely in place, this may be a sign that the key is worn or damaged.

It is important to ensure that the pinion lock key is always in good working order, as this contributes to the safety and ease of maintenance or repair operations on the single-brush sander. If you encounter any of the above-mentioned problems, or if you have any doubts about the condition of the pinion lock key, we recommend replacing it with a new original Repex Floor key to ensure perfect compatibility and safe use of the sander.

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Pinion lock spanner

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