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Spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade Motor

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Four-pole contactor - Repex Floor
Four-pole contactor 1980
153.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor support axle - Repex Floor
Motor support axle 12130102
55.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor voltage button - Repex Floor
Motor voltage button 12090113
17.60€ Excluding VAT
Outer cone - Repex Floor
Outer cone 12090106
27.30€ Excluding VAT
Pulley cone - Repex Floor
Pulley cone 12100105
18.93€ Excluding VAT
Motor threaded rod - Repex Floor
Motor threaded rod 12130103
10.10€ Excluding VAT
20A thermal circuit breaker - Repex Floor
20A thermal circuit breaker 12130501
56.00€ Excluding VAT
Single-phase socket - Repex Floor
single-phase socket 12020402
13.96€ Excluding VAT
Spherical motor shaft - Repex Floor
Spherical motor shaft 12100112
11.53€ Excluding VAT
Motor pulley MAJOR - Repex Floor
Motor pulley MAJOR 12130200
130.00€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Typhon 2 Tornade Motor

Spare parts ​Typhon 2 Tornade motor  

Typhon 2 Tornade motor spares include components such as the support shaft, spindle, contactor, circuit breaker and plug. These essential components are crucial for the correct operation of the motor, the management of electrical power and the safety of the appliance, guaranteeing reliable and safe sanding performance.

Some spare parts for the Typhon 2 Tornade motor are available on this page.

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