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Spare parts Typhon 1 Wheel train

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Polyurethane wheel - Repex Floor
Polyurethane starter wheel 1212
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Spare parts Typhon 1 Wheel train

The Spare parts Typhon 1 Wheel train is an essential component that plays an obvious role in the efficient operation of the tool. It consists mainly of several components that work together to provide stability, mobility and control when sanding floor surfaces. Here are the main components of a sander's wheel train and their functions:

- Wheels: Wheels ensure the mobility of the tool. They allow the user to move the sander over the floor surface in a smooth, controlled manner. Quality wheels contribute to easy handling and reduce operator fatigue.
They are essential for the mobility and stability of the machine. These components include support levers for height adjustment, rods and pins for connecting parts, and springs for shock absorption. These spare parts ensure that the sander moves smoothly and operates reliably, while facilitating the adjustments needed for different types of surface.

In short, the wheel train is designed to offer controlled mobility, easy handling and adaptation to different working conditions. It contributes to the quality of sanding by ensuring optimum contact between the tool and the surface to be treated, while offering features such as adjustable height and dust extraction.

Some loose parts of the Typhon 1 wheel train are available on this page.

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