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Spalter brushes

Spalter brushes

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Tradition glue applicator broom A000106
37.00€ Excluding VAT
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Brosse Splitter 200 MM A00092
12.19€ Excluding VAT

Spalter brushes  

Spalter brushes

Spalter brushes are the tools of choice for decorative effects enthusiasts and demanding professionals looking for precise smoothing of varnishes on medium to large surfaces. Designed specifically for this task, the spalter brush offers exceptional versatility, excelling in the application of varnishes and lacquers to flat surfaces.

Featuring an ingenious technical design, the spalter brush skilfully combines high-quality materials to guarantee optimum results. Its blend of natural bristles and synthetic fibres ensures a perfect combination of softness and strength, providing an even distribution of the product over the surface. This unique feature allows the spalter brush to create subtle decorative effects while ensuring precise smoothing of varnishes, even on large surfaces.

The copper-plated steel ferrule is another essential part of the spalter brush, offering exceptional durability and resistance to wear. The robustness of this ferrule ensures a long service life, enabling the brush to maintain its performance consistently over time, even under conditions of intensive use.

The carefully sanded natural wood handle completes the technical description of the spalter brush. In addition to its warm, authentic look, this handle offers a comfortable grip, making it easier to control the brush during application. The sanded finish also helps to prevent any discomfort associated with prolonged use, ensuring a pleasant application experience.

In short, the spalter brush is the ideal tool for those looking to achieve aesthetic and precise results when applying varnishes and lacquers to flat surfaces. Thanks to its meticulous technical design and use of quality materials, the spalter brush combines performance and durability, making it an essential choice for demanding finishing projects.

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