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PAD Ø 150 Concrete for monobrush 4D

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PAD Ø 150 Concrete for monobrush 4D

PAD Ø 150 Concrete for monobrush 4D concrete

PAD Ø 150 Béton for monobrosse 4D béton are accessories used specifically for sanding or polishing concrete surfaces using a monobrosse 4D béton. These pads, or discs, have several key functions:

1. Sanding: Ø 150 Concrete pads are designed for sanding concrete surfaces. They are often used to remove imperfections, irregularities and roughness from the concrete surface, preparing the area for further treatment or finishing.

2. Polishing: As well as sanding, these pads can also be used to polish concrete. Polishing aims to achieve a smooth, shiny surface by eliminating scratches and providing an aesthetic finish.

3. Restoration: Ø 150 Concrete pads can be used in restoration processes where the aim is to give a newer or improved appearance to a concrete surface that may be showing signs of wear, ageing or damage.

4. Surface preparation: Before applying coatings, sealants or other treatments to a concrete surface, it may be necessary to use Ø 150 Concrete pads to prepare the surface, making it clean, flat and ready to receive the finishing products.

It is important to note that the choice of pad often depends on the type of work to be carried out (coarse sanding, fine sanding, polishing, etc.) and the specific characteristics of the concrete to be treated.

When using these pads, it is advisable to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's recommendations for the 4D concrete single disc machine, as well as the specific instructions for each type of pad, to ensure optimum results and avoid damaging the surface being treated.