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Spare parts handle Major

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Plastic lever handle - Repex Floor
Plastic lever handle 1611
5.45€ Excluding VAT
Self-lubricating ring - Repex Floor
Self-lubricating ring 1612
5.70€ Excluding VAT
Clutch handle - Repex Floor
Clutch handle 1601
90.00€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts handle Major

Spare parts handle Major, sander

The handle of the Major belt sander is made up of various components designed to optimize comfort and ease of use. These include clutch handles, which offer an ergonomic grip for precise tool handling. Lever handles, meanwhile, facilitate control and allow quick adjustments while the sander is in use. What's more, the bushings included in the handle spares contribute to the stability and durability of the assembly, ensuring an efficient and comfortable sanding experience. These spare components are essential for maintaining the optimal performance of the Major belt sander and ensuring easy handling during sanding operations.