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Spare parts Chassis BLO

Spare parts Chassis BLO, heavy edger

The BLO frame of a sander is an essential key part of this tool. In fact, it performs several crucial functions that contribute to the smooth running and efficiency of the machine.

Firstly, the frame is the basic structure of the edger, providing a solid and stable base for the whole machine. This stability is essential to ensure accurate and uniform sanding, especially when the machine is in contact with a variety of floor surfaces. What's more, the chassis is fitted with castors, making it much easier to move the edger around the surface to be treated. This feature improves the manoeuvrability of the tool and allows the operator to navigate easily around the worksite.

The BLO chassis also acts as a support for several critical components of the flanging machine. It houses the electric motor, which powers the abrasive rotary movement, as well as the box that supports the various control parts. 

In addition, the BLO chassis can be designed to contribute to the efficient extraction of dust generated during sanding. This not only improves working conditions by reducing dust in the air, but also improves visibility of the sanded surface, enabling the operator to do a more accurate job.

In short, the chassis is a multifunctional component that contributes to the overall stability of the edger, makes it easier to move around the site, and supports the vital components of the tool, while also playing a role in controlling the dust generated. As such, it plays a central role in the smooth operation and overall efficiency of the edger.

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