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Spare parts Aspiration PSL

Spare parts Aspiration PSL

PSL Aspiration serves two main purposes:

1. Dust collection: When the PSL sander is in action, it generates a significant amount of dust as a result of sanding the material. The role of the integrated vacuum is to collect this dust efficiently during the process. This offers a number of benefits, including creating a cleaner working environment, reducing the health risks associated with inhaling fine dust and preventing the build-up of dust on the surface being sanded, which could affect the quality of the sanding.

2. Better visibility and control: By removing dust from the sanding area, the vacuum system improves visibility of the work surface. Increased visibility allows the operator to better control the sanding process, to more easily identify the areas to be treated and to ensure that the work is carried out uniformly. This leads to better, more accurate sanding results.

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