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Pinion key

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Pinion key 14090800

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Pinion key

Pinion key

Pinion key for 4D single disc sander 

A pinion key is a small part that plays a crucial role in the power transmission mechanism between the motor and the pinion. It is inserted into a groove in the pinion to hold it firmly in place on the motor shaft. The key ensures that the pinion and the motor shaft rotate in unison, enabling the efficient transmission of rotary motion from the motor to the pinion.

When the motor is running, the key keeps the pinion firmly attached to the motor shaft, ensuring that the accessory plate also rotates to perform sanding, polishing or cleaning tasks.

As for when to consider changing the key on the single-brush sander sprocket, here are some signs that it may need replacing:

1. Excessive wear: Over time and with repeated use, the key can wear and lose its effectiveness. If you notice signs of wear such as dull edges or a reduction in the size of the key, it may be time to replace it.

2. Poor fit: if the key no longer fits correctly into the pinion groove, or if it is loose, it may no longer fulfil its function of holding the pinion securely in place.

3. Misalignment: if you find that the pinion does not rotate correctly with the motor shaft, this may be due to a misaligned or faulty key.

4. Unsatisfactory performance: if you notice a significant drop in the sander's performance, with irregular movement of the platen or difficulty performing sanding or polishing tasks, this may be linked to a problem with the key.

If you experience any of these problems or suspect that the key on the sprocket is faulty, it is recommended that you call Repex Floor's after-sales service to carry out a diagnosis and replace the key if necessary. Make sure you use original Repex Floor spare parts to ensure perfect compatibility with your single disc sander and to obtain optimum performance.

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Pinion key

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