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Spare parts Handle Typhon 1

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Tube clamp plug - Repex Floor
Tube clamp plug 1502
18.14€ Excluding VAT
Upper sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Upper sleeve flange 1507
100.00€ Excluding VAT
Lower sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Lower sleeve flange 1505
69.00€ Excluding VAT
Square nut 11 MM - Repex Floor
Square nut 11 MM 1510
26.40€ Excluding VAT

Spare parts Typhon 1 handle

Spare parts Typhon 1 handle 

The spare parts for the Typhon 1 sander handle include essential components such as the clamping plug and clamps. These components ensure that the handle is securely fastened, allowing comfortable handling of the tool while maintaining optimum safety and ergonomics when sanding.

Some loose parts of the Typhon 1 handle are available on this page.

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