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Horizontal axes 3310
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Spare parts Wheels BLO

Spare parts Wheels BLO, heavy edger

BLO Wheels: The wheels on a BLO heavy planking machine are a crucial element in ensuring optimum manoeuvrability and ease of use on worksites.

They ensure:

1. Sturdiness and durability: BLO Wheels are designed to withstand the rigours of construction sites. Their robustness guarantees a long service life, which is essential for tradespeople who depend on their equipment on a daily basis.

2. All-terrain design: Construction sites can feature a variety of surfaces, including uneven ground. BLO castors are suitable for all-terrain use, ensuring smooth manoeuvrability even on difficult surfaces.

3. Easy locking: When it's necessary to keep the edger stable during work, BLO Wheels are equipped with an effective locking mechanism. This provides extra stability when sanding and polishing, ensuring quality results.

4. Optimum manoeuvrability in confined spaces: Craftsmen often work in confined spaces. BLO castors are designed for optimum manoeuvrability in confined areas, making it easier to work around obstacles and corners.

5. Easy to move: Thanks to the high-quality castors, moving the edging machine around the worksite is a simple task. This means you can work efficiently on different parts of the project without wasting time on the move.

6. Easy maintenance: BLO Wheels are designed to require minimal maintenance. 

7. Compatibility with different floor coverings: Whether you're working on concrete, tiles or other floor coverings, BLO Wheels are suitable for a variety of surfaces, offering essential versatility on the job site.

By investing in a BLO heavy-duty edger with reliable castors, tradesmen can be assured of equipment that makes their day-to-day work easier, while delivering consistent performance on a variety of jobsites. Ensuring regular maintenance with the option of changing non-drawn wheels is quite ideal.

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