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PAD red Ø406 HQ - Repex Floor
PAD red Ø406 HQ PD406HQR
15.18€ Excluding VAT
PAD green Ø406 HQ - Repex Floor
PAD green Ø406 HQ PD406HQG
12.67€ Excluding VAT
PAD white Ø406 HQ - Repex Floor
PAD white Ø406 HQ PD406HQW
14.12€ Excluding VAT
PAD White Ø 300 - Repex Floor
PAD White Ø 300 PD300WHI
7.90€ Excluding VAT

Discover 3M pads designed specifically for floor professionals, offering effective cleaning and polishing solutions for impeccable results on all types of surfaces.

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