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Bearing cage

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Bearing cage 14090200

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Bearing cage

Bearing cage

Bearing cage for 4D single-brush sander platen

The bearing cage is an essential part located between the platen and the body of the sander. It houses the ball bearings that allow the platen to turn smoothly when the sander is in operation. The bearing cage ensures that the balls in the bearings remain equidistant from each other and maintain their correct position, guaranteeing smooth, stable movement of the platen during sanding, polishing or cleaning.

The platen of a single-brush sander is usually attached to the motor via the bearing cage. When the motor is running, the bearing cage allows the platen to rotate freely with minimal friction, improving the efficiency of the sander and reducing wear on the platen and other mechanical components.

As for when to consider changing the platen bearing cage, here are some signs that it may need replacing:

1. Abnormal noises: if you hear unusual noises, such as grinding, rattling or excessive vibration coming from the table during operation of the sander, this may indicate that the bearing cage or bearings are worn or damaged.

2. Uneven platen movement: If you notice uneven or unsteady platen movement while the sander is running, this may be due to problems with the bearing cage.

3. Difficulty turning the platen: If the platen has difficulty turning freely or if you have to exert excessive force to turn it, this may be a sign of problems with the bearing cage or the bearings.

4. Visible wear or damage: check the condition of the bearing cage regularly for any visible signs of wear, deformation or damage that could affect its operation.

If you observe any of these problems or suspect that the bearing cage is defective, it is recommended that you call in a qualified Repex Floor technician to carry out the diagnosis and replace the bearing cage if necessary. Make sure you use genuine Repex Floor spare parts to ensure perfect compatibility with your sander and to obtain optimum performance.

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Bearing cage

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